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Question: hlo mam mera 10 month chal rha h meri delivery kb hogi abhi tk koi pain nhi suru huyi h

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सवाल: hello doctor,8 jan meri due date h..bt abhi tk koi pain nhi ho rha h.. delivery kb tk ho sakti h.. tension ho rahi h
उत्तर: Hi dear, usually it happens... If you do not have labour pain till tomorrow... Your doctor will admit to hospital and induce you for artificial labour. Yes you can have papaya now which smoothen your cervix lining.. and may be bring labour... But please understand the process of labour contractions comes in frequency like in certain time period like every 5min ..you will feel strong pain every 5min or 10min frequency... When it comes every two minutes very strong contractions then your muscles will contract and your body will itself pushing up the baby... If it will not come out after half hour of pushing then also don't worry... Some doctor used to afraid their patients by saying that baby is not coming outlet and it will be problematic.... Take your time... By artificial labour also you can deliver naturally
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सवाल: Mera 38.4 week chal rha h meri delivery kb tk hogi
उत्तर: Dear delivery 40 weeks Tak kabhi bhi ho sakti hai. So abhi apka 38 week chal raha hai so Aab apko kabhi bhi pains start ho sakti hai..
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सवाल: meri lamp 27jun h us hisab se mera koun sa week chal raha h meri delivery kb tk hogi
उत्तर: 32 weeks chal raha h aapki delivery march last ya April first me ho sakti h waise 9 month to aapka 27 Feb se lag jayega
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