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Question: mam kal maira ultrasound hua h usme mujhe वेड्स and 2days aaye aur baby weight 383 aaya h to kya ye normal h

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सवाल: Hii doc kal mera ultrasound hua tha aur usme baby ka weight 565 tha kya ye sahi hai
उत्तर: Hello dear.. no worries.. baby weight at 23 weeks is absolutely fine. Average weight at 23 weeks is between 501 to 600 grams. Sty calm . All is fine
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सवाल: hii am 39week pregnant and mera ultrasound hua usme AFI level 9 aaya h to ye normal h kya????
उत्तर: 8-18 will consider as normal. from 20 weeks onwards level will decrease due to preparation for delivery. 9 in 39 weeks is completely normal.
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सवाल: aaj mai ultrasound krwai usme mera 36week3days aaya h.aur weight 2839gm h.kya ye normal h
उत्तर: yes dear it normal after 37 week any time ir delivery can happen so enjoy and take care
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