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Question: mam कुछ उपाए बताए पीगमेंटेशन के लिए पुरा फेस डार्क हो रहा है

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Answer: हेलो डियर हर गर्भवस्था अलग होती है और सभी को अलग अलग अनुभव होते हैं। फटे होंठ, काले घेरे, सुस्त चेहरे, मुँहासे, पिग्मेंटेशन और भी कई तरह के बदलाव हार्मोन के कारण होते हैं। गर्भावस्था के दौरान हार्मोन खास रोल निभाते हैं। ये समस्याएं डिलीवरी के बाद चली जाती हैं लेकिन तुरंत नहीं। पिग्मेंटेशन को रोकने के लिए कुछ उपचार। * ताजा अलोवेरा जेल रोज लगाएं । * टमाटर और ककड़ी का रस मिलाएं और अपने चेहरे पर लगाएं । * बादाम पेस्ट और शहद मिलाएं अपने चेहरे पर लगाएं और 10 मिनट के बाद धो लें। * अपने आहार में विटामिन ई ले। * अपने चेहरे पर पपीता पेस्ट लगाएं। * 15 मिनट के लिए आलू का रस या आलू का पेस्ट रगड़ें। यह एक अच्छा उपाय है।
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सवाल: मैं 25 weeks pregnent हूँ मेरी baby movement भी हो रही है लेकिन baby movement के कुछ पहले से ही कभी कभी पेट के बाये side  के ऊपरी तरफ भारी भारी जैसा कुछ झुनझुनी जैसी feel होती है 1-2 मिनट के लिए। क्या ये normal है
उत्तर: HI .. YEH normal hai ..yeh baby kai movements kai karan he hai ..sab normal hai
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सवाल: hii im 5 month 2 weeks pregnant hu मुझे पुरे शरीर पर बहुत खुजली आती है डाँ ने खुजली कम होने के लिये गोली दी है पर कुछ असर नही हो रहा है प्लिज कुछ उपाय बतायी
उत्तर: Hello dear itching is more common and normal in pregnancy don't worry.. Itching is the common symptom during pregnancy, that too in last trimester. First thing is do not use any kind of cosmetics right now as it is not considered as safe during pregnancy, and as you are already suffering from eczema.. it will worsen your condition. Apply coconut oil all over your body or wherever the itching is severe. Olive oil doens't suit for everyone , if you want you can give a try in any area and test it, but personally I don't recommend olive oil for everyone. Coconut oil is the best medicine for eczema and it soothes your itching, you can apply it as soon as it is absorbed in your body or jus twice a day. Rose oil also works wonders for eczema, but you can do it at home. Jus add a hand full of rose petals into a cup of coconut oil and heat it in low flame till the petals are burnt or turn brownish. Cool it and use it all over. It's good for hair too. Smoothes the skin more than coconut oil. Rose water also works well for eczema, take a cotton ball, dip in rose water and pat it on any area and test it. If it suits you can continue. Rose water prevents itching even after waxing or shaving (underarms or bikini area). Drink lots of water to make your skin hydrated and always keep your skin moist to prevent excessive itching. Happy Pregnancy!!!
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सवाल: . 8 महीने के बच्चे के लिए हेल्दी डाइट क्या है
उत्तर: Hii Early HoursStart the day of your child with a cup of full cream milk. Breakfast For breakfast the parents can give any of the following things to their child.½ cup cooked Dalia.½ or 1 stuffed parantha with a stuffing of vegetables or paneer.½ cup suji upma.½ or 1 small cheela stuffed with vegetables to give it a colorful look.1 small idli.Poha .Brunch For brunch parents can give their children a cup of juice or a bowl of fruit chat. Lunch Lunch should include all the important nutrient rich dishes. For lunch the parents can give any of the following things.1/2 cup daal with a chapatti or ½ cup rice.½ cup vegetable biryani.¼ cup of daal, a small chapatti and some seasonal vegetables.Any paneer based veggie with a chapatti or ½ bowl of rice .Snacks You can give your child a small bowl of fruit salad or a cup of vegetable soup or a glass of milkshake of your child’s favorite fruit or you can make fruit smoothies .Dinner For dinner you should give your child something light and easy to digest food. Following is the list of dishes that you can give your child.½ cup vegetable khichri with curd.½ cup of soya granules along with a chapatti and some veggie.Dosa with chutney and sambhar.Vegetable cutlets.A small vegetable pizza.Aloo parantha with butter or curd. Here are some pointers that you can keep in mind regarding your baby's diet. Remember it is an important stage of development, so take extra care of your baby's diet.  Start giving him new food but only one at a time and see if your child likes it and is not allergic to it.Do not give your child things like popcorns or nuts which have chances of choking the food pipe.Instead of breast feeding start giving your child whole milk so that it fulfils the need of fats in his body.Feed your child 5-6 times a day in small proportions.Give him different things to it so that he develops taste for all the things and enjoy eating them.Do not give your child soft drinks, chocolates or any such thing that would make him addictive and harm him as these things contain harmful chemicals.Encourage your child to eat fruits. Seasonal fruits are very healthy and nutritious.
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सवाल: मुझे बहुत चक्कर आते है क्या वजह हो सकती है प्लीज बताए
उत्तर: hello dear pregnancy me hormones change hote rahte h isliye chakkar ate h. ap bahut dair tak khadi n rahe. rest kare. chikoo khae, bhukhi bilkul n rahe or thoda thoda kuch n kuch karke khati rahiye.
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