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Question: labor pain me pith me pain hota h kya

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Answer: हेलो डियर जब लेबर पेन शुरू होता है तो पेट में दर्द होता है और साथ ही पेट में भी दर्द होता है जिस तरह से पीरियड के टाइम पर कमर पीठ और पेट में दर्द होता है ठीक उसी तरह लेबर पेन के समय भी होता है
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सवाल: labor pain k time hemorrhoids v pain hota h kya?
उत्तर: haan hota h lekin jyada ni or agar constipation control ho jata h to ni hota h. isliye ap khub pani pie, fiber food khae.
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सवाल: kya labor pain me baby movement hoti h
उत्तर: Hello! Generally, baby karega movements labor mein sansj mein nehi ata hain.
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सवाल: labor pain symptoms kya kya hote h??
उत्तर: One to four weeks before labor Your Baby “Drops” that means your stomach gets down close to vagina. Your cervix, too, is starting to prepare for birth , It starts to open and thin out in the days or weeks before you deliver. You Feel More Cramps And Increased Back Pain your joints becomes looser. you have diarrhea you stop gaining weight. you feel extra tired The hours before labor starts Your Vaginal Discharge Changes Color And Consistency your water breaks
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सवाल: labor pain kaise hota h plss reply in hindi
उत्तर:   labor sabhi ko ek jaisa ho jaruri ni h sabhi ko alag alag hota h. main labor ke 1 week pahle uterus me ek marod jaisi hoti rahti h ye sabhi ko hota h almost. ye false labor hota h. back pain hota h jaise period ke time hota h. or back me niche ke side me hota h. pain ke alawa water break se bhi labor time pta chal jata h. water break hone ke 24 hours tak baby ho jae to sahi rahta h ni to infection ho sakta h. vaginal bleeding bhi ho sakti h labor se pahle fever bhi ho sakta h.  
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