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Question: koi mere swaal ka jwab ni de rha 😢

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Answer: apka kya sawal hai post kijiye
समान प्रश्न, उत्तर के साथ
सवाल: Koi jwab ni deta yha pe to
उत्तर: Healofy is a community of moms & moms to be and experts. It is a super active community where all moms help each other by resolving queries & almost all of them get solution for their questions. However, if you are not satisfied with the answers/or you didn’t receive any answer you can discuss it in chat groups & also follow these steps to get a better answer: i) Posting your question in simple & better way so that other moms can understand it easily. ii) Helping other moms by answering their queries & become an active mom in community. iii) Reposting your question again if in case it is missed by our experts and experienced moms. iv) Also, you can join doctor’s live session on the for your birth club. You can check the session time from the chat screen of your app and get answer for all your queries.
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सवाल: Mem mere question ka Abhi tkk Koi jwab nhi diya
उत्तर: Hii dear agar kisi ne miss kar diya hoga tho aap plz ek baar aur update kare. Saath me aap aache se define kare jisse hum moms ko thik se Samajh aaye aur humlog aapse Apna experience share kare.
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सवाल: Plz mere swal ka jwab do na
उत्तर: Hi! Pls apka ka sawal aur ekbar post kijiye humlog koshish karenge answer karneki.. Thank.you!
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