38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: icecream kha skte he

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Answer: Yes kha sakte hai but limit me
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सवाल: atta Maggi kha skte he kya? week me kitni bar kha skte he?
उत्तर: Please avoid all such junk and processed foods coz they contain no nutrition values, poor hygiene, and lots of preservatives which might harm you and baby both. Instead, if you crave for these things alot go for few spoons once in awhile.
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सवाल: Plum kha skte he kya?
उत्तर: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Plums only have 46 calories per 100 g, contain no saturated fats and are full of minerals and vitamins. Plums and prunes help increase the absorption of ironinto the body, which may be due to the fact that they are a good source of vitamin C. So you can have plums during pregnancy, however, in moderation. Please consult your dieteican before consumption. Hope this information was helpful.
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सवाल: dates kha skte He pregnancy me?
उत्तर: Dates are highly nutritious as they are high in proteins, fiber and vitamins. Consuming a handful of dates everyday will give you energy. As dates are rich in fiber, they keep the digestive system healthy and treat constipation. Dates also prevent birth defects and make bones healthy. Dates are rich in iron so they prevent anemia and increase hb.
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सवाल: Kbhi kbhi pizza kha skte he??
उत्तर: Hi Yes dear you may have pizza occasionally just don't make it a part of your daily diet Enjoy your pregnancy
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