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Question: ceseran delivary ke baad kya jyada bleeding होटी hai aur kb tk hoti hai

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Answer: bleeding to utni e hoti h jitni normal m hoti h .....20-25 din tk bleeding hoti h
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सवाल: Ceseran ke kitne time baad we can do sex aur kitne time baad periods atee hai
उत्तर: Hii dear u can have intercourse after 6 to 8 week of c sec. Make sure u should choose the position in which u will not get the pressure in ur stitches. I got my period after 13 months of delivery. i consulted doctor and he also assure that it common. My baby used to have more of milk session ever after 6 months so I think this could be the reason of mine so late period.but this could be a concern if u r not feeding frequently and still u r not getting period. It could be due to ur low hb level. Then it calls for doctor appointment. Also do make sure to take precautions while having relationship with ur partner even if u r not having period. U can still gey pregnant. All the best. 
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सवाल: Delivery ke baad bleeding kitne days tk hoti hai?
उत्तर: Hello dear delivery ke bad bleeding kitne dino tak hogi ni kah sakte kisi kisi ko 1 week hoti h kisi ko 15 days or kisi ko usse bhi jyada. Kabhi kabhi bleeding 1 week ke bad band ho jati h fir 1 2 din bad shuru ho jati h
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सवाल: delivery ke baad heavy bleeding kitne din tk hoti h
उत्तर: delivery k baad almost ek mahine se 40/45 days tak bleeding hoti hai...
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