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Question: ceaserean delievery k bad kya khau m feel so tired n hungry

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Answer: आप की डिलीवरी को कितने दिन हुए हैं यह उस पर भी डिपेंड करता है हरी मूंग की दाल की खिचड़ी खाएंगे उतना अच्छा होगा इससे दूध भी अधिक बनता है और चिकनाई और मिर्च बिल्कुल ना खाएं इससे आपको नुकसान होगा जितना हल्का खाना लेंगे उतना अच्छा रहेगा
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सवाल: I m 6 week pregnant n I feel so tired n weak
उत्तर: Hello! It is common in pregnancy. Try to drink plenty of fluids. Take proper rest and complete your sleep at night. Also take 15 minutes naps to rejuvenate your self. Most importantly don't forget to have an proper balanced meals.... Take care
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सवाल: hi m 6 weeks pregnant feeling so much hungry often? also feel so much tired if I don't eat food immediately
उत्तर: Please check your sugar level.Your symptoms match that of gestational diabetes.ALso start llight exercising and walks to keep you free..eat healthy food,keep yourself hydrated,avoid junk food completely.
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सवाल: I m not feel hungry...so what can i do..
उत्तर: Hi dear, The lack of appetite is a common in some ladies due to surge in hormones.some also feel nauseous and vomiting.try to take smaller meals and have healthy food whatever or how much ever you can eat.drink water which improves metabolism and hunger.include some walking daily for 30 minutes which would stimulate hunger.
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