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Question: june 8 lmp है edd कब होगा . डॉक्टर ने मार्च 15 date दिया है

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Answer: हेलो डियर आपको बेबी 15 मार्च के आसपास हो जेएगा .
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सवाल: Hello mam, my LMP was 8 june 2018. But i conceive after 22 june. Then what would be my EDD.
उत्तर: EDD considered basis on the first day of last LMP. It includes ovulations period as well. So actual pregnancy is of 38 weeks. So dont worry.. according to that Estimated Due Date is 12/13/2019Date of Conception 3/22/2019.
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सवाल: my edd by lmp is 8 june and by 9th month sonography its 18 june..which one to consider?
उत्तर: My edd according to lmp was 29 may and by usg it was 14 june but my delivery was more accurate to my lmp as my delivery was on 30 may
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सवाल: My lmp date is june 18/6/18 what is my edd
उत्तर: Hi dear...it's easy to calculate ur edd.lmp plus nine months plus seven days will be ur edd.accordingly ur edd will be 25/3/19
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