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Question: jee ghabrane pr imli kha skte h kya

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सवाल: sprouts kha skte h is time pr
उत्तर: There is no denying that sprouts are full of vital nutrients, but when it comes to consuming them during pregnancy think twice. First, Having anything raw during pregnancy is never advised because it might result in food borne disease. Second, whenever you plan to have sprouts it's best to cook them. This eliminates the chances of bacteria present in food also it gets easier to digest. Third, quantity plays very important role. In pregnancy having less is always enough. So don't have sprouts more than a small bowl. Wash them thoroughly, dry them, cook them add to your salad, soups or sandwiches and have it.
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सवाल: Hii 6 week pregnant kya imli kha sakti hu ...abhi sirf imli hi acchi lg rhi h
उत्तर: Pregnancy mai Kai tarah ki cravings hoti hai and kha to chose acha lagi hai.. aap milk Kia sakte hai is nai Kai tarah ke nutrients hai no ki apke at baby ke lea ache hai but ki so bhi chiz ki excess buri hai. Imli ke big Kai side effects ho sakte hai agar isko jyada khaya jae. Agar apko man kar ra hai to aap khae maar jam quantity mai at roz nai.
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सवाल: Imli kha skte hai kya
उत्तर: Dear, little quantity me kha sakti h, bahut jyada khane se acidity ki problem ho sakti h.
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