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Question: 12 jan. se 9month start ho jayega mujhe kese pta chalega ki labor pain start ho gya h

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सवाल: mujh kese pta chlega ki labor pain kb se start hone vla hai
उत्तर: Hello There are some sure signs of identifying that ur labour is close. Ur mood swings u may experience high anxiety crying for no reason or being impatient. Cramps this could be like ur mensural cramps this is one of the sign it labour is close. This is a different more intense back pain accompanied by cramps. There is a bloody show. The mucous plug that seals ur cervix is off with blood or brown discharge. Having loose motion or diareah it's nature's way of clearing anything that come in the way. Water breaking happens whn ur ameotic fluid gushes out. U have to rush to the hospital. Regural contractions that are abt half an hour apart tell u that ur contractions are closing in.
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सवाल: Mam hume pta kese chlta hai ki ab labour pain wala drd start ho gya hai mtlb mko smjhao ki kese pta lgta h???
उत्तर: Hi dear I understand your concern you should be aware of some of the labour symptoms like baby drops and baby now rests lower in your pelvis.2 cervix start to dilate.3 cramps and back pain . 4 vaginal discharge. 5 as you get close to labor, you may pass your mucus plug it's the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off your cervical canal for the last nine months. The mucus may be tinged with brown, pink, or red blood, which is why it's called "bloody show."6 tiredness 7 water breaks.8 strong contractions you have to be carefully if you notice any of these symptoms. Hope this helps
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सवाल: Labour pain kese hoty hen kese start hoty hen or pta kese chalega k ye labour pain h
उत्तर: U will have pain and that won't stop,bursting of amniotic fluid and another indication u will notice some brownish discharge and few days of this brownish discharge labour will start.
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