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Question: Is Copper t compulsory after first delivery

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Answer: Dear it's nothing like cumplusary. Its completely your wish. If you dont want a baby now then you can use other contraceptive ways like pills (which should be strictly prescribed by doctor) , condom and other ways.
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सवाल: Is wear copper T safe after delivery?
उत्तर: Hello dear. Yes its quiet safe. You may feel pain or cramping when the copper t is inserted. Rest and a hot water bottle placed on your abdomen can help relieve the pain. Copper t may cause increased cramping and bleeding for several months after insertion. Take care.
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सवाल: Doctors had placed copper T after delivery of my first baby is it safe?
उत्तर: Hi dear don't worry yes it is safe to avoid getting conception but for some ladies it might cause high bleeding during periods so please make a note of it and also take more and rich food items that helps to avoid getting high bleeding.
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सवाल: after delivery copper t is safe
उत्तर: no dear it is common ...drink more water ...due to body heat white discharge is more..so dont worey
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