8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is bulky uterus in ultrasound reports a bad symptom ?

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Answer: No...but still check with your docto
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सवाल: Bulky uterus and retroverted uterus,bulky uterus with thickened endometrium with minimal endometrial separtion means is there is any problem
उत्तर: See not any major issue.. See i have the same uterus but i dnt have any prob.
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सवाल: Is bulky uterus size is risky ???
उत्तर: it depends on the weight and size dear. normally it's same in most of the women. but some times due to fibroids or cyst it becomes bulky and applies pressure on your gall bladder which results in frequent urination.
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सवाल: I found my uterus bulky in ultrasound what to do for it pls suggest
उत्तर: drink more lemon water for it
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