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Question: In this week is internal sonography is safe?

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सवाल: Hi till which month internal sonography is safe? Am in 10th week of pregnancy
उत्तर: If there any problem then only TVS was done after first scan. After completing 12 weeks there is no need to scan by TVS then only abdomen scan is sufficient.
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सवाल: Which week internal checkup is done??? Is it safe to have intercourse in first trimester
उत्तर: Hello dear, Sex during pregnancy is considered to be safe, still there could  be some harmful effects of having sex in the first trimester. If you had a history of miscarriages, it is advisable  not indulge in sex. When you are feeling nauseous or have overwhelming fatigue, it is better to refrain from sex. Also, a woman who is pregnant with twins or multiple babies or has a low-lying placenta should not indulge in sex. And for scan you can go after 8 weeks.
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सवाल: I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins then I had a light bleeding in morning so went to doctor ,he did internal sonography and said no heartbeats were der ,I was shattered,can doctor do internal sonography ,was it safe?
उत्तर: 8th week is a good time by which heart beat can be detected. Ur doctor might ask you to come within few days for another scan. Apart from heart beat they can also get some information from fetal dimensions like fetal pole yolk sac etc. Be brave. Heart beat is not something we can create. If it is a healthy formation everything will be fine.
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