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Question: I O S डिवाइस के लाइए कोएं ऍप बँटाइए

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सवाल: hypoechoic collection measuring 19 x 11 mm in intraplacental region S/O intraplacental hemorrhage means?
उत्तर: It means that blood clot is formed due to change in the position of the placenta but don't worry it resolves on its own and not have any negative effect on the pregnancy. Sometimes times it can cause some vaginal bleeding/spotting but It will subside Take rest, avoid excessive bending and any other physical exertion Keep taking progesterone and other medicines if at all you feel abdominal cramps then you must visit your gynaecologist Repeat the scan to see wether or not it has decreased in size.
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सवाल: Can i eat O R S salain in pregnancy. I am 12 week pregnant
उत्तर: Hi.. Dear An oral rehydration solution is a fast-acting, safe, and affordable remedy for dehydration. And it's perfect for pregnant  women.. But, it is better to inform your gynaecologist about it.. Increase lot of fluids in your diet..
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सवाल: Usg report s/o polyhydromnios..AFI 26.3...VERY worried
उत्तर: You can do the draining option if doctor advises it. Take rest and aviod protein rich food.
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