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Question: i m 14 week pregnent mera double marker test report positive है .. इसमें down syndrom ratio है..

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सवाल: Pregnancy 14 weeks nt scan & "double marker test report disorder down syndrome final risk 1:127 then nipt test your suggestions chances result nege
उत्तर: It's not a diagnostic test it's only shows risk for down or other syndrome. You will be adviced for invasive test which will show exactly is baby ok or has anomaly.
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सवाल: In Double Marker test Down syndrom and Trisomy both Screen NAGATIVE. Is it normal?
उत्तर: Yes it is absolutely normal negative screen test means your baby is at a very low risk of having chromosomal abnormalities
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सवाल: I m 13 week pregnant. Is double marker test compulsory?
उत्तर: Hii dear. Yes it is compulsory to take double marker test. Hope it's helpful
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