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Question: I have to show it by Dr. when I have a problem in the first month of my प्रेग्नेन्सी ... Hena fatma

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सवाल: Hello Dr, I'm in my 9th week of pregnancy... When I should take the first scan... And also I have a problem of constipation... What should I do....
उत्तर: Dear you can go now for ur first prenatal. Scan as by now heartbeat and growth of the baby would be clearly visible. For constipation below are some of my own tried and tested tips for gas during my pregnancy - : 1.) Try smaller, more frequent meals 2.) Exercise 3.) Drink plenty of water 4.) Watch what food you eat 5.) Avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and fatty fried foods. 6.) Under situations of severe gas, a small piece of jaggery will help relieve it. Based on my personal experience as nothing worked for me in 8th month and this remedy helped. 7.) Having green leafy veges and fruits. 8.) Fiber intake should be increased more of salads with lunch and dinner will help. Morning breakfast you can have with oats to help in constipation. Hope this helps
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सवाल: I have a problem in my hand by birth is it effect to my baby
उत्तर: Do you have this problem from birth. However it is not necessary that your baby will have the same problem. However if your problem is generic there are chances that the genes will affect the child but not necessary same problem. Sometimes the genes have affect on the third generation. However you should do required scans to know the growth of the child
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सवाल: when a dark line show on belly during first pregnancy when it will completely show
उत्तर: Its a linea nigra For most women the linea nigra starts to be noticeable at the end of the first trimester or near the beginning of the second trimester. For other women does not appear until a little later in the pregnancy or it never shows up at all.
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