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Question: I am having low lying placenta? What does that mean?

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Answer: Hi dear, few information to help to understand about it. Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. Low-lying placenta may be picked up during a routine 20-week ultrasound scan appointment. In some cases, a placenta that is seen to be low-lying will move upwards later in pregnancy. Any bleeding from placenta praevia at the entrance to the womb in the second half of the pregnancy can be heavy and a risk to the baby and the mother's health. After a low-lying placenta diagnosis, seek medical advice if there's any bleeding during pregnancy. Having a low-lying placenta means it is more likely a caesarean section delivery will be recommended.
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सवाल: What does posterior low lying placenta mean?
उत्तर: Posterior Placenta means when your Placenta attaches to the posterior wall of the uterus. do not worry because it's very normal to have a posterior placenta that is considered a good placenta because when your baby will grow, it will require more space so it can Move anteriorly as well as when the devilry time approaches around the 39th week that time baby can easily rotate and come into cephalic position. taking the support of your posterior placenta. low lying Placenta means that is lying low in the uterus. it may come in the way of BB delivery if it doesn't move upward. usually, placenta is bound to move upwards but if it doesn't move upward or is denoted such as less than 2 cm from the internal OS that is cervix so then you have high chances of bleeding during pregnancy. should be taken care off, u should bed rest and you should not lift heavy weights. Do not worry because one more uSG at 32nd week will tell you about the placental position which is more accurate currently you are in your second trimester and there is 70% chance that your placenta can move upwards and correct from its position of low lying to a normal placenta. If you see any blood spotting or sharp shooting abdominal pain then you must quickly consult your gynecologist. Hope it helps! Take care.
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सवाल: I am having low lying placenta.. What does that mean
उत्तर: Hi dear, Low lying placenta is also known as placenta precea,which is a complication in . Pregnancy.though this is not that common but placenta prevea in second trimester can fix itself till you deliver.but you need to observe for any kind of bleeding.do inform your doctor immediately about any bleeding. Most of the women with this complication would undergo c- section .keep monitoring the placement of placenta in your follow up scans.please do not lift heavy objects. Take plenty of rest. And be positive.bed rest is preffered depending upon the severity ob the issue.
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सवाल: I am having low lying placenta. Does it mean that I will have preterm delivery
उत्तर: No worries dear.. take complete bed rest.it will come up
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