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Question: How to solve Brest feed problem..

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Answer: ऐगर आप का दूध कम आ रहा है तों आप कुछ घरेलू उपाय कर सकते है .. आप ब्रेस्ट मिल्क बढ़ाने के लिए दलिया, गाजर , santra ,kaccha papita, meitthi , egg , पालक ऑर बादम का सेवन किसी भी रूप मे कर सकते है .. ऑर अपने बेबी को 6 मंथ तक केवल अपना hi दूध पिलाने की कोशिश करे .. ओके टेक केयर ..
Answer: प्लीज आप अपनी प्रॉब्लम को क्लियर करें
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सवाल: How to solve thyroid problem?
उत्तर: Hi.. Dear there is no solution as such for this problem. For some females, thyroid vanishes after delivery, however, if in your case you are still having it. You will have to follow a course of medicine, that can only help, speak to your gynaecologist regarding the same.
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सवाल: How to solve gas problem?
उत्तर: Hello dear. Here are a few tips : Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up. Keep Baby Upright. Pump Baby's Legs. Draw a Warm Bath. Bounce It Out. Take care.
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सवाल: How to solve baby cough problem
उत्तर: Hii dear it is quite common for babies . Don't worry.  As soon as season changes kids do catch such seasonal fever.  After the age of 5 yrs baby immunity will get strong and they will not fall sick often.use humidifer at home to.keep congestion free. Give baby tomato soup, besan sheera, oats, khichdi, dalia as meal to baby above 6 months of age. Massage baby with mustard infused with garlic and ajwain. This will make baby warm and losen the mucus, u can warm few peeled garlic and tie it in potli with ajwqin. Massage baby chest with it. Make sure potli temp. Is warm and berable. U can apply babyrub vicks in baby sole chest and back while sleeping. Give jayfal one pinch mixed in one spoon of milk to baby.u can also use saline drop for loosening  the clogged nose.mucus  And use buld syreinge to take out mucus as baby cant blow it.
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