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Question: how to clean children tongue

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सवाल: how to clean baby tongue
उत्तर: Before cleaning the tongue of child, make sure your hands are clean. Prepare warm water in a bowl.Now take a small manageable piece of gauze piece and wrap it around the finger. Moisten the gauze in warm water. Baby tongue cleaners can also be used instead of a gauze, which are specially designed finger cloth available in most drugstores.There are several ways in which a parent can clean the tongue; the simplest of all is cradle the child in one arm and clean the mouth by second hand. In this way, the child will feel the sense of security and affection.Put the finger over lips of baby for opening the mouth.As soon as the mouth is open, place the finger on his tongue and rub/ scrape gently over the surface of tongue in circular motion.After cleaning the tongue, rotate the finger around and massage cheeks sides, gums and teeth gently.If it is difficult to remove buildup, then gum cleaners are necessary. Avoid using fluoridated items as baby can ingest itIf the cleaner failed to clean the stubborn buildup then consult the doctor for an advice.Perform this procedure of cleaning at least one time in a day especially after feeding.Infant's soft bristled, moistened toothbrushes are available in the market which most doctors advise for tongue and oral cavity cleaning.Avoid using dentifrice against foaming action as it can irritate your baby.
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सवाल: How to clean infant tongue
उत्तर: Hello, Dear it's bit tough to clean lil Champs tongue. But oral health is important for baby too because a good oral health means a good digestive system. So you can use a soft and clean cloth to clean baby's tongue. While bathing your lil champ wrap the cloth on your finger , dip it in clean water and rub baby's tongue with it. Do it regularly..
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सवाल: How to clean babys tongue
उत्तर: Hello dear. Take a piece of cotton or wash cloth and soak the edge in a glass of lukewarm drinking water. Wrap it around your finger and gently put your finger inside your baby's mouth and clean the tongue. Wipe the upper and then the lower gum pad as well. Take care.
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