4 months old baby

Question: hi mera baby 3months ka hua hai aur uski hatheli garam lag rahi hai baki sharir normal hai aur mera baby angootha chooste rahta

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Answer: Jab baby ko bhukh lagti hai tab wo angootha choosne lagte hai
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सवाल: mere baby ka fever hi kam nh hora uski ki body garam lag rahi h kch home remedies h kya
उत्तर: Put some cool tap water in a bowl.Soak a clean washcloth in the water.Wring out the excessive water, then place the wet cloth on the baby’s forehead.Once the cloth warms, remove it and repeat again.Do this until the fever has gone. For babies younger than 6 months, give a lukewarm sponge bath 2 or 3 times a day. For babies younger than 6 months old who have a fever, breast milk is very important. It offers a unique balance of nutrients that strengthens a baby’s weak immune system and is tailored to fight a baby’s illness. Rubbing the soles of your sick baby’s feet with some warm oil is one of the best ways to calm your fussy baby. Apart from relaxation, it will promote better sleep, which is necessary for quick recovery.
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सवाल: mera baby 25 days ka hai. wo jab tk sota hai aur feed krta hai tb tak chup rahta hai baki time rota hai.esa kyu plz bataye...
उत्तर: May be becoz of indigestion, or gas concern wit doctor
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सवाल: helo....mera baby 1 month ka hai...uske hands aur feet bahut thande rehte hai baki body normal hoti hai naa zyada thandi na garam but hands aur feet thande rehte hai..kya koi problem ho sakti hai????
उत्तर: Hi. Babies have higher body temperature than adults. That's why head is hot. Palms and soles are cold cos of high temperatures palms and soles sweat amd when exposed to fan or air or ac they become cold. It's normal. Nothing to worry.
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