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Question: hi .. its my second pregnancy ... first was normal .. there

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सवाल: Its my second pregnancy...my first delivery was c-section. Is there any chance for normal delivery in this pregnancy
उत्तर: Hello, Dear your second delivery depends on your scar thickness from your previous cesarean. If your scar thickness is good and thick enough to bare contraction and pushing while delivery. Then you can have normal delivery. If the scar thickness is less then there is risk of rupturing tissue while pains. So cesarean is the oy way out..
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सवाल: Can be second pregnancy is complicated than first? Actually its my second pregnancy and mine first was normal means without spotting and all but was cesearian
उत्तर: I had a cesarean for my first child but during pregnancy there was no complications but at last minute there was no progress in labor and there was fetal distress.. For my second baby I had central placenta previa bleeding so complete bed rest in third trimester and underwent an emergency cesarean due to pain and bleeding in 35 th week.. Everyone is unique.. But this is my story
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सवाल: I 33 week pregnant,its my second pregnancy and first was scicerian,its been six years...Is there any chance of normal delivery and why if not?
उत्तर: Hi Dear! I wud not say its impossible but thr a lot if factors which r important here to hv a vaginal birth after C-Section or a VBAC. Vbac should be attempted only if the previous pregnancy was c sectioned due to issue in baby. If the issue was with you like not dilated well, the Dr. will not recommend you try a vbac. Most Dr. recommends a 3 year gap between babies for the risk of scarring which is fine fr you as its been 6 yrs but it also depends on how well the previous c section was done and how clean the stitches are done. Consider all these factors and talk to a doctor who is supportive and knowledgeable on VBAC, If going for VBAC be active through the labor. Good luck either for VBAC or C-Sec.
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सवाल: Its my second pregnancy...my first delivery is not normal its Cesarean...is my second delivery also Cesarean.
उत्तर: Hi! There is no rule as such that one C-Section means the second one too has to be Csection. Please talk to your Doctod and say that you want to try for vagial birth after C-Section, which is called VBAC too. The study says maxinum of the VBAC are natural birth. However the condition still depends upon your and baby's health. Good luck!
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