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Question: सबक्रोनिक hematoma found in my scan . 11 weeks 4 days . Is there any problem or allnis well with baby

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Answer: mera v same problem h bahut tension ho rhi h
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सवाल: My lmp was 23 dec but scan shows only 7 weeks 4 days is there any problem
उत्तर: Hi.. Dear no it doesn't make any difference, it is matter of missed calculation..
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सवाल: My baby is about 4 months old. Around his eyes I found out white patches. Is there any problem in that? Kindly help me with this.
उत्तर: Dear are these white patches or white acne kind of thing. As white acne is quite common in new borns but white patches aren't. I would suggest if it's white patches consult a doctor to know what it is and after seeing only on can tell what exactly it is. Hope it helps.
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सवाल: Actually,in 8th week scan my cervix measure was 4.5..when 11 week scan its in 3.7 ...is there any problem or normal?
उत्तर: Though your cervix length is adequate at this it shouldn't be decreasing so you should take precautions to prevent it from decreasing like avoid avoid bending too much lifting heavy weights and take rest as much as possible Repeat scan after some time to see the changes in the cervix length
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