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Question: hello mem aaj humne sonografi krya to usme hmy 13 fervary ki

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सवाल: Aaj Mera ultrasound hua to usme pta chla ki baby ulta hai to koi problem to nhi
उत्तर: At dis stage it doesn't matters dear. You still have few weeks of your pregnancy left till then chances are there for baby to come in its right position oderwise in ur 9th month doctr might prescribe d med for dat
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सवाल: mene sonografi ki thi pahili bar baby ka wight kam tha bola to davahi chalu ki fir sonografi ki to kuch Nahi tikha iska matlab kya?
उत्तर: Hello! Growth ke wajah se apko medicine dia hoga.Par agaric seco time kuch nehi dikh rahat hain toh missed abortion ho sakta hain. Aap ek bas doctor se consult karein.
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सवाल: Maine aaj pregancy test ki to usme 2nd line dark hai to positive hai na
उत्तर: Hi,yes congratulations aap pregnant hain.but I would also suggest that ki aap upt after 8 days of missing your periods karvaiye to confirm your pregnancy.
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