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Question: hello mam, meri beti two month fifteen day ki hai, uske mouth me chale ho rkhe hai, please koi upay btaye

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सवाल: Meri beti teeth nikal rhi h vo chidchidi c ho gyi h koi upay btaye please
उत्तर: How to relieve ur child when he or she start teething Give ur baby clean, wet, cool wash cloth to chew on. Cold objects easy the pain and reduce the urge to chew. If ur baby dont like to chew the cloth give him or her teether. Give ur baby only mashed food. ( if 6 months old or above) U can gently massage ur baby's gums with clean finger or cold teething ring. Give ur baby pain reliever prescribed by doctor. Give ur baby extra love and play with him or her. Don't----- Do not give any medicine without asking ur doctor. Do not use clove oil on gums.( if baby is 6 months old and above) Do not give hard food. ( if baby is 6 months old and above) Do not irritate him or her.
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सवाल: 4 din ki beti ko pelia ho gyi h koi gharelu upay ho to btaye plzz
उत्तर: Sunlight helps to break down bilirubin so that a baby's liver can process it more easily. Place the child in a well-lit window for 10 minutes twice to help cure mild jaundice. Never place an infant in direct sunlight. If the bilirubin level is too high, the child may need to be placed under a special type of light. This treatment is called phototherapy. Sometimes, such lights can be set up at your home with careful monitoring. If an infant's bilirubin levels are very high or if the child appears ill, the baby will most likely be admitted to the hospital for treatment.
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सवाल: Meri beti 1.5 mnth ki h uske mouth m white s chale hore h kya kru?
उत्तर: milk vomit normal h. chale itni chhoti baby ko hone ni chahiye. I think ye koi infection hoga ap pedestrian ke pas check kra lijiye. baby milk nigalne me bhi problem hogi.
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