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Question: hello mam mera pregnancy ka 9th mnth chal raha h and meri after 75gm wali sugar zyada h . to kya main karele ka juice pee सकती hu . pls answer me

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सवाल: hello mera 37 weel chal raha hai..kya main green tea pee sakti hu
उत्तर: There is no official advice that says you should stop drinking green tea duringpregnancy. So there's no harm in enjoying a cup or two. However, you shouldn't drink too much green tea, as it contains only a little less caffeine than standard tea, depending on how it's brewed.
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सवाल: Hello mam hamara pregnancy ka 9th month chal raha hai aur Kya bed pe saune main koi problem to nahi hogi pls tell me
उत्तर: Hi. Nahi dear bed pe sone me koi dikkat nahi hai. Main apne puri pregnancy bed pe soti thi, even sab bed pe hi sote hain dear. Aap pareshan mat hoiye or jahan comfortable hoga aap wahan soiye.
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सवाल: kya Mai wood apple( bel) ka juice pee sakti hu mujhe 3 rd month chal raha h
उत्तर: Hii kindly avoid wood apple as it is a bit hot in nature. Specially in first trimester it's a big no. Later on u can have in moderate qty. All the best.
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