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Question: hello mam mera bsby 38 deys ka hua kya mai green peas kha skti hu baby ko nuksan to nhi krega ?

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सवाल: Hello doctor Mai pregnancy me grapes kha skti hu agr jayda kha le to nuksan to nhi krenge Kyuki kismis jyada kha Lo to wo nuksan krte h
उत्तर: Hello! You can eat grapes in moderation as they provide vital nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants (1), organic acids, fiber, folic acids, pectin and more, which support the biological changes happening during and post pregnancy. However, you should avoid eating grapes in the last trimester because of its heat-producing property. Excessive consumption of grapes can be toxic due to its high levels of resveratrol (2). Also, do not over consume dry grapes (raisins).
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सवाल: Kya mai jamun Kha skti hu isse nuksan to nhi hoga
उत्तर: Hi! Yes there is no harm in eating jamun in pregnancy coz this fruit has high antioxidant and nutrients that help to protect the unborn baby and also helps to promote fetal growth and development. Eating 8-10 jamuns a day will definitely not cause any trouble. Jamuns is also known as for its anti diabetic properties. It also help is preventing premature labor and helps in getting rid of fatigue and stress.
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सवाल: Kya mai jeere ka pani pi skti hu use baby ko kyoi nuksan to nhi hoga na
उत्तर: Hi. Aap jeere ka pani bilkul pi sakti hain. Jeere ke pani se apka fat bhi kam hoga ot milk production bhi badhega.
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