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Question: hello mam आई ऍम 10 week pregent but आई हैव countinue sneezing इट इज good for baby

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सवाल: Hi mam i am 34 week pregent this time delivery safe or un safe for baby
उत्तर: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Generally forty weeks is considered as full term pregnancy. Baby grows a lot in last weeks of pregnancy.Generally delivery may happen anytime between 37 to 40 weeks are safe. The more baby grows towards forty weeks the more growth is seen. Take care
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सवाल: Hi mam .....i am 32 weak pregent .it is good for intercross
उत्तर: Hello.. Dear you an have intercourse in third trimester,if you have normal pregnancy,but if you have any medical related issue ,please consult doctor advice
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सवाल: White discharge in 10 week pregent is common or not mam
उत्तर: I hope its normal, bcz i had this prob til my baby delivery.
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