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Question: hello डॉक्टर mere face per daane ho rahe hai aisa ku saath हाइ कॉन्स्टीपेशन ki bhi problrm hoti hai ji machalata hai per vomit nahi hoti iska koi solution

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सवाल: mere haatho pe or pero pe allergy ho gyi hai boht ittiching hoti hai or khujli bhi boht hoti hai,kya iska koi solution hai?
उत्तर: Hello These rashes are quiet normal and are seen in alot of women. The rashes are called puppps as they start on ur tummy move up to ur breaste hands and legs this could get very itchy and some times cause blisters. You can take cool bath to calm the rash do not scratch as it will only make it worse try using a herbal lotion to soothe ur skin. Try the lotion on small patch of your skin as u want to find out of ur allergic to it or not. As u do not want to make it worse. Hope I helped
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सवाल: Mera 7 month start ho gea hai but mere face per koi pimple or darkcircul bhi nai hai chamk hai face per koi problem ki bat to nai
उत्तर: Hi dear .. no pimple or darkcircle sa koi farak nahi padtha... its natural for sum it will be n for sum it will not be.. so chill
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सवाल: Mam mere face per daane daane ho rahe hai ek dam alergy jaisa ho raha hai kya preganancy mein aisa hota hai kya n face thoda jal bhi raha hai
उत्तर: Yes it's normal.use natural remedies like lemon honey,multani mitti or sandal wood paste with haldi.
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