24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hair spa is good in pregnancy

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Answer: No dear, you should avoid, better to get done after delivery.
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    sonal miglani375 days ago

    ok thank uh

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सवाल: Is it safe to take hair spa in pregnancy.?
उत्तर: Yes dear It is totally safe to do hair spa in pregnancy. You will need to be sure that your chosen product is safe, particularly if you're doing hair spa in pregnancy.
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सवाल: To take hair spa is gud in 5month of pregnancy
उत्तर: Hi,yes you can take hair spa It will give you more relaxation and you will feel better
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सवाल: Hair spa is safe during pregnancy
उत्तर: Hi Dear surely you can go for your hair spa or any other services but make sure that you are using a good quality of products and other things as it is very important to keep you safe from any kind of allergy during pregnancy . pregnancy is a period where you and not sick but yes you needed to take an extra care . so you can surely pamper yourself and stay beautiful.
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