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Question: Foetal spine - anterior & right side of maternal spine Ka Kya mtlb h Kya h normal position h....isme right aur left ka kya mtlb h plz detail se bataye

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सवाल: plecenta position is fundal and right anterolateral... iska kya mtlb h bataye plz..
उत्तर: The placenta is an organ that connects the mother’s uterine wall with the developing baby. It transports nutrients into the developing fetus. Usually, the fertilized egg implants itself in the posterior uterus, which is near to the spine. But, in some cases, the egg implants in the opposite side, that is the anterior wall of the uterus, which is close to the abdomen. In your 20th week scan, which is known as ‘anomaly scan’, the position of the placenta is usually checked. the placental position in one of the following ways: • Anterior – If it implants on the front of the uterine wall • Posterior – If it implants on the back of the uterine wall • Fundal – If it implants on the top of the uterine wall • Right or left – If it implants on the right or left side of the uterus
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सवाल: anterior position ka kya mtlb hota h
उत्तर: it is norml position ...n means that ur baby take position at the front wall of the uterus ......nothing to worry dear
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सवाल: Hi .. is there any problem in normal delivery who had "cephalic presentation with spine on maternal right side"..? My doctor said ,it will better if presentation was spine on maternal left side.. Kindly reply
उत्तर: Hii. Don't get anxiety. There is no problem in normal delivery. Good luck.
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