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Question: First ultrasound kab karwana chahiye

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Answer: Hello dear, there are 3 scan done in whole pregnancy . One is in 8 to 14th week which is called nt scan another is done in 18 to 22 nd week which is anamoLy scna and third is growth scan which generally done in 30 to 34 week. Rest other scan is done if doctor as any doubt in ur baby positioning or health. Ultrasound can be done anytime to observation any suspicious Movement. 
Answer: Hi Dear, Ultrasound scan is very important during pregnancy to know your baby foetal heart beat or edd, or yolc sac. Your first ultrasound could be between 12 to 18 tweeks of gestation.
Answer: My doc advicd me to do usg on 7-8 weeks
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सवाल: mam ultrasound kab karwana chahiye
उत्तर: Dear abhi apka 7 week chal raha hai so aap 8 week se pehle ek ultrasound jarur karvae..
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सवाल: 1st ultrasound kab karwana chahiye ?
उत्तर: Mera 8 weeks baad hua tha . As only after that heartbeat of the baby is aidible.
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सवाल: Last ultrasound scan kab karwana chahiye
उत्तर: In the third trimester your will be offered a growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan between 28 and 32 weeks. You may also be offered colour doppler studies between 36 and 40 weeks. These scans will show your doctor how your baby is growing.
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