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Question: Does calcium & iron tablets be taken together?

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Answer: Congratulations dear..,no dear, they may cause stomach disorders when taken together,..,so have iron after breakfast n calcium after dinner.. that's safe
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सवाल: Can iron and calcium tablets be taken together ???
उत्तर: No Iron and Calcium tablets should be always taken on different times because calcium doesn't let iron get absorbed in body and so there is no effect of iron if taken together with calcium.
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सवाल: Iron amd calcium tablet should be taken together or not??
उत्तर: Iron should be taken at night time because it may cause some nauseous effect. Calcium should be taken day time because it requires energy to show it's mechanism. Don't take both at a time which may interact each other and form complex.
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सवाल: I have taken iron and calcium tablets together what can I do
उत्तर: Dear try to take medicine separately like iron in morning and calcium in evening
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