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Question: 21 din k baby ko cow ka dhood de skte h kya

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Answer: हा
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सवाल: kya 21 days old baby ko cow milk de skte h kya
उत्तर: Nahi de sakte. Digestion problems ho saktha hai. Formula milk de saktha hai
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सवाल: Kya hm cow milk de skte h baby ko
उत्तर: Hi,dear after 1yr only u can introduce cows milk to ur baby..not now...hope its useful
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सवाल: 1 and 20 days baby ko cow ka dudh de skte h kya
उत्तर: Hi... Til 6months Oly breast feeding has to be done Til 2yrs mother's milk has to be supplemented with cereals, fruits, vegetables etc But 1m20day baby Ki cow milk Dena acha Nahi Hai.... Cow milk after 1yr Dena chahiye....
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सवाल: Cow milk de skte h Kya 5 mahine K bacche ko
उत्तर: Babies can't digest cow's milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula. Cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can tax your baby's immature kidneys.Babies should receive breastmilk and/or formula as their main source of “drink” until they are 12 months of age.
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