8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 25 dec ko muze prd aaye the,urine tst ki to+ve h,kl dr k pas gyi thi,unhone 2 mnth k bad sonogrphy krne k liye bola,bt aaj muze brown colr ka liqued kibspotng huwi h,jyada nhi subh thodi aur abhi thodi,wo white colr k liqd jaisa thik hai.so wht cn i do

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Answer: प्रेगनेट होने पर मेम सेक्स कर सकते हे कोइ डर टोह नी है एन माम
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सवाल: Hello I am 12 week pregnant .before 15 days mjh dischrg mei brown colour show hua mei immedtly dr k pass gyi vha ja kr mjh bleeding start ho gyi dr ne ultrasnd kiya to baby tk h injection diye or medicns di bed rest k liye bola 1 days bleeding thodi jyda hui fir kam hoti gyi 3,4 din bad bnd ho gyi then one week bad fir se vhi brown spot aane lge fir dr ne ultasnd kiya growth bhi baby ki tk h movemnt bhi tk h bt still spot ja ra h mjh...m vry tensd plzz suggst mei wht should i do! how can i over come with it
उत्तर: hi dear! so normally when the progesterone levels in the body falls that is when this brown spotting or light bleeding occurs. there are 2 main pregnancy hormones : beta hcg and progesterone. progesterone helps to maintain the pregnancy. so when we have our periods that is when the progesterone levels are low and therefore we face bleeding in our periods. so in pregnancy to avoid this spotting or bleeding we give progesterone orally to maintain a balance. so either susten or duphaston or any other progesterone tablet your doctor can prescribe you. so visit your doctor. dont worry its nothing to worry about just some hormonal disbalance. also you can try changing other progesterone you doctor will do that for you , just visit your doctor again for this as it has to stop .and dont stress so much it will be fine. take care dear!
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