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Question: dear मेम bio oil ke koe side effect to nahi bai naa. ise kab use karna chahiye

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सवाल: Bio oil effective hota h toh kis month se isko use karna chahiye body per
उत्तर: To help prevent the formation of pregnancy stretch marks it is recommended that Bio‑Oil be applied twice daily to the most common areas for stretch marks from the start of the second trimester. It should be applied by massaging in circular motions until fully absorbed into the skin. As well as regular application of Bio-Oil, there are also a number of natural ways to boost the skin’s health during pregnancy:  You can also take the following steps: Diet. Vitamins A, E and C, zinc and silica help to maintain the skins elasticity. Incorporate foods rich in these key nutrients into the diet in order to maintain optimal skin health throughout pregnancy. Dark leafy greens are high in vitamins A and C and silica while almonds, avocado and shrimp are high in rich in vitamin E. Common sources of zinc include red meats, poultry, nuts, whole grains.  Exercise. In addition to boosting energy levels and improving sleep patterns, exercise can help prevent stretch marks. Exercise regulates and increases circulation in the body and helps increase oxygen inhalation, which keeps the skin elastic and increases its capacity to stretch as it grows. Expectant mothers should try low impact exercises such as yoga which promotes activity through easy fluid motions. Alternatively to bio oil you can also use pure vitamin E oil mixed with a mositurizer.
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सवाल: Bio oil use krny ke koi side effct to n h...
उत्तर: There are no side effects but it's really not very effective for stretch marks. Apply a mix of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal measure. Use this twice a day. It will provide relief. As your skin is stretching it's getting dry due to wch you are experiencing itchiness. Other than this keep yourself hydrated, add foods wch are rich in omega 3 and natural oils this will maintain the elasticity of the skin. You can start it from the 3rd month itself. Apply it on your tummy waist and thighs.
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सवाल: can i use bio oil to masssge on my belly..is it safe or has any side effects??
उत्तर: Yes you can use, it is good for removing stretch marks from tummy. You can use coconut oil, natural aloe vera also for removing stretch marks. Hopefully you have got your answer.
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