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Question: can i take a hair spa in a parlour in 5th month of my pregnancy

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Answer: Yes dear U can do hair spa in pregnancy. There is no harm in it. But remember that it should not contain any harmful chemicals. But in my opinion, u should avoid to do hair spa as it takes lots of time and u can get back pain with it.
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सवाल: Can I go for hair spa at 5th month of pregnancy?
उत्तर: Check whether they are using herbals or chemicals for hair spa. Go for herbals.
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सवाल: Hi hair spa at parlour safe during pregnancy??
उत्तर: Yes you can have hair spa Instead of going for chemical hair spa treatments you can just opt for the natural ones where the usage of chemicals is almost nil. You can only go for essential oil treatment like jasmine, chamomile and spearmint to relieve you from stress and nourish your stresses Before you head for a spa seek the advice of a physician. 
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सवाल: To take hair spa is gud in 5month of pregnancy
उत्तर: Hi,yes you can take hair spa It will give you more relaxation and you will feel better
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सवाल: Can I have hair spa during 4th month of pregnancy?
उत्तर: Hi dear. Since its your second trimester, you can have hair spa. But avoid heat treatments. Ask for ammonia free products.
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