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Question: can i go for year end party? place is 1 km far from home . 8th month is going

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Answer: हेलों आप 32 वीक प्रेगनेट है अगर आप पूरी तरह से स्वस्थ है आपको कोई हेल्थ कॉम्प्लिकेशन नही है तो आप पार्टी में जा सकती है कपड़े और शू कम्फर्टेबल पहन कर जायें ठण्ड से बचे लेट नाइट तक ना रूके यूरिन ना रोकें
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सवाल: Can I drive everyday.. Actually my duty place is 20 kms far from home.
उत्तर: Hi! Yes as long as you drive safe there is no problem. Your baby is well cushioned in your womb if you confident and reports r fine, pls go ahead.. Good luck!
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सवाल: can I go for party at night
उत्तर: Off course you can enjoy and go party,movies, parlour whatever you what you can do. Just take little care of yourself regarding diet and hygiene. That's it.
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सवाल: i am 6 weeks pregnant can i move my home town its far from 600 km
उत्तर: yes u can if u dont have any complications in ur pregnancy...
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