9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can I do a hair spa

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Answer: Hi you can do hair spa but be very careful of the book that they use. It should be very mild and have no chemicals. Also make sure if you will be able to Durban long at all stretch. Else you can take a break and have a small walk and again continue. Avoid taking lot of steam.
Answer: Ye su can it is completely safe.
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सवाल: can i do a hair spa?
उत्तर: Hello! Yes, you can go for the hair spa. It is safe as long as you don't go for any heat treatment.
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सवाल: 13weeks pregnant.....can i do hair spa ?
उत्तर: Hi desr yes I can go for the same there is no issue. I used to take spa regularly and never face any problem.
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सवाल: Can i do hair spa now??
उत्तर: Hi. No dear. Any process that has ch3mical involved should be avoid in pregnancy.
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सवाल: Can we do hair spa during prrgnancy
उत्तर: Hi. You are more sensitive to chemicals during pregnancy, so you must proceed with caution before undergoing any hair treatment during pregnancy. Yes, a relaxing head massage can help you feel stress-free and make your hair healthy, but even a small amount of chemical absorbed by your scalp can have side effects
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