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Question: sote samay bhi bahot hi taklif hoti hai plz upay bstarye na

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सवाल: Mera baby sote samay kabhi kabhi bahot darta hai. Aisa ku . Is there any problem
उत्तर: Babies have a feeling of falling from heights since they were in the womb itself due to the gravity! And this feeling is continued Even after their birth so they get scared mostly when they are sleeping. Not to worry... This feeling fades gradually! But whenever baby grts scared hold the baby's hands near to their chest and hold it for some time and see your baby relax
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सवाल: Hi meri beti 4th month ki hai.... Our Muze bahot lower back pain ho raha hai... Use uthne mebhe taklif hoti hai... Plz give me sujesation...
उत्तर: I am facing same problem. So taking milk daily and do surya namaskar or some warmup. Feeling better after that
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सवाल: meri bacchi 8 mnth ki he.....raat ko feeding karti he to muh me hi lekr soti he......ek do barr bite bhi kiya brest ko to muze bahot taklif hoti he.....raat ko sote samay khilaya to bhi 3 4 baar uthti he wo...kya karu ab? brest ko bahot dukhta he
उत्तर: use nipple cream. if it hurts.. 2ndly.. aap usko slowly practice do kam feed karneki.. slowly ..
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