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Question: In pregnancy, hair colour Karu shakto ka?? Nhitar mehendi chalel ka??

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सवाल: Can i use mehendi in hair?
उत्तर: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can. It depends which type of henna you use. You will need to be sure that your chosen product is safe, particularly if you're applying henna as a skin dye in pregnancy. Natural henna, derived solely from the plant, and with no added chemicals, is safe to use on your hair or on your skin. Take care.
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सवाल: Mehendi on hands and hair can be applied. Can we use colour dyes. Threading is ok?
उत्तर: No dear,dyes and threading are not advisible during pregnancy..coz threading interacts with your nerves,yoir baby will also feel the pain..so do avoid it..if you still concern, you can use eyebrow trimmers.
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सवाल: Hair colour safe in pregnancy???
उत्तर: Hello dear... no,it is not safe,contains ammonia,which is not advisable in pregnancy
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