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Question: ज़ुकाम के लाइए upay

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समान प्रश्न, उत्तर के साथ
सवाल: Milk production ka upay
उत्तर: Hi,aapko high protein rich diet Lena chahiye. Aapko protein powder Lena chahiye. Aapko jyada milk and milk products Lene chahiye Aap nuts and ghee lijiye Aap din main at least 2-3 servings of fruits lijiye. Ghee include Kijiue,isse Aapka mill production increase Hoga Aap fennel seeds lijiye
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सवाल: Khansi ka gharelu. Upay
उत्तर:  Cough and cold is very common .. It be fine as time go.do not give any antibiotics medicine for this.. This is not a serious . Give regular hot water.. Ginger and honey is good for cold and cough.. Hot water and honey makes good combination to prevent cold and cough...
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सवाल: Muh mein chhale ka upay
उत्तर: Hii feed curd to baby. U can also consult doctor and get ulcer gel for baby if it is little severe. I did same for my baby. It cured well.
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