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Question: pregnency मे thigh में दरद होना नॉर्मल है kya

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सवाल: Mere dono thigh K Bich kv kv dard hone lgta h Vegina side. kya kru?
उत्तर:  If you're experiencing vaginal or pelvic pressure in the first trimester, or early in the second, don't blame your baby just yet. ... A cramping sensation in the early weeks of pregnancy may be due to your expanding uterus. Watch for signs of vaginal bleeding if you're feeling cramp-like pains.
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सवाल: pregnency me hair fall hota hai kya?
उत्तर: It depends on stress you are taking and also your body condition For some people they will have good hair growth in their pregnancy and hair fall after childbirth. Try to be cool and don't take any stress This will be good not only for hair but also for your baby mental growth
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सवाल: मैं मेरा थायराइड 2.46 है क्या कि नॉर्मल है
उत्तर: Hi dear, Aapka TSH bilkul normal hair.ghabrane ki baat Nahi hai.
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