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Question: मेरा baby 8th मंथ ka h or उस इअर

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Answer: हेलो डियर आपके द्वारा किया गया प्रश्न अधूरा है जिसके कारण हमें आपके प्रश्नों का सही सही पता नहीं चल पा रहा है इस कारण मैं आपकी समस्या का हल नहीं कर सकती मेरा आपसे विशेष अनुरोध है कि आप अपना प्रश्न पूरी तरह अच्छे से समझा कर लिखें ताकि आपकी समस्याओं का हल मिल सके टेक केयर
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सवाल: Mere baby ka weight 1300 gm h or muje 8th month start ho gaya to baby ka weight thik h ya kam h?
उत्तर: hello dear congratulations for your pregnancy You don't have to worry about the weight of your baby as the weight as told to you by your doctor is appropriate On an average the baby is at the 32nd week of pregnancy of their mothers are of about 1. 7 kg once you reach 32 weeks of pregnancy you will be surprised to know that the baby will gain about 400 grams per week as now he has fully developed so now only he will grow in terms of his weight so you should continue with your healthy diet hand exercises recommended by a doctor Have a happy and safe pregnancy hope the answer was helpful to you
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सवाल: Mera 8th month lga h mere baby ka weight 2000g h .kya baby ka weight kam h???
उत्तर: Hi, ideally apne baby ka weight at this month should be 1319 gm.your baby weigh from what you have mentioned us quiet good and it shows that your baby is growing well. You should continue to have your good diet Take care
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सवाल: मेरा बेबी mera baby 8th month 2day ka h Abhi tk ek b teeth nhi nikala h
उत्तर: Hi dear, Teething waise 6 months se 14 month ke andar Kabhi bhi aa Sakti hai.tension ki koi baat Nahi hai.
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