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Question: मेरा 5th month चल रहा है और मेरा weight 60 है नॉर्मल to है ना ? target scan ka suggest किया है doctor ne इशर

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Answer: 5 month ke baad target scan hota hi hai dr almost subko suggest karti है . baby के sabhi parts thik से develop huye या nhi dekhne ke liye ..... tension wali koi baat nhi hai
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सवाल: What is Anomaly scan. My doctor suggested to do it in the end of 5th month
उत्तर: Hi dear, Anomaly scan is a ultrasound scan detect chromosomal abnormality in babies.it is a must scan post 20 th week.
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सवाल: Hello Doctor mera 5th month start ho gya Hai but till now doctor ne Koi injection suggest nhi kiya Hai can you Pls suggest.
उत्तर: But this is good hospital Rockland hospital delhi but why doctors not suggest anyway thanks
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सवाल: My weight was 75 when i concieved and it increases to 77 during my 5th month. Today i found ot again 75.. when last i did my target scan the baby's weight found to be absolute and babys growth was also good as per doctor. So i want to know if my weight is not gaining than is there any problem
उत्तर: Normally weight gain will be there during pregnancy
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