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Question: मेरा बेबी अभी 3 साल ka होने wala ह वोअब तक poora sentence nhi bolta ह kya kru

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अभी तक इस सवाल का कोई जवाब नहीं है
समान प्रश्न, उत्तर के साथ
सवाल: mera baby 2 years ka ho gya hai bt wo bhi bolta nhi bss papa dada byeeee pp ye he bolta hai kya kru
उत्तर: It's kk... Even my kid started speaking late... He started speaking when he was 3 ...so give him some time and encourage him to speak little day by day... And don't compare him with anyone... Just give him some time...
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सवाल: Hlo dr. Mera baby 2 yrs. Ka hone wala h bt abi b wo bolne nhi lga..mamma papa kuch b nhi bolta..kya krna chahiye mujhe..??
उत्तर: Hello! Almost all children of 2 years know the words from 100 to 200. Some babies begin to speak 2 words, some begin to understand your point of view, and some people start addressing them by identifying people around them, such as mother, maternal uncle, father, grandfather etc. Talk to your child like you talk to others. Let them listen and understand all the things. Read the books with him and repeat the easy words with it again and again. Get him small tasks such as placing a plate, bringing a ball, etc. See if he understands your point or not. Let him play with the children of his age so that he can tell them what he wants during the game? Give the child some time, not all children and their environment are the same. Just keep in mind that more than that He will also understand your point of view and will also gradually tell you. If after a few months even if he does not speak anything then you must definitely go to the doctor.
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सवाल: Mera beta 20 months ka hai nhi bolt Kya kru bas mama apap krta hai muje nhi bolt bas apne meblta hai muje mama nhi krta niche Wala hodh dabak bolta hai apap
उत्तर: hello.. dear dont worry.. All the babies are not same. few talk very fast in early 12 months. but few talk very lately, the same happened with my baby... talk continously with your baby, explain each and every thing to him. put questions continously till he gives the answer. tell your family members names, show some animals and birds in books. try this. he will try to talk completely when he attains two years. All the best.
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