2 months old baby

Question: मेरा बेटा breast feed and formula milk दोनों लेता है . पिछले दो दिन से GREEN POTTY कर rha hai. शरिर भी गरम है। plz suggest

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Answer: janm k 6 mahine baad tak baby ko sirf maa ka milk hi pilaye,, uske baad hi bahar ka mok ya thos khaana dena shuru kare,, green potty ka ek karan amoebiasis ho sakta hai,, behtar hoga aap Dr. se consult kare.
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सवाल: mere baby ko green with yellow seeds potty ho rh h what was the reason .....baby breast feed and formula milk dono feed krta h
उत्तर: Hello dear, Apka 2 month is baby he .wo apka dudh pita hoga. Uska potty formula and apke khane me upar he.yellow potty normal he because baby formula me bhi he.agar app kuch iron related cheese je se ki palak,peas,beans khaye to phir baby apke dudh letihe to phir green potty hoga.tension mat lo.par agar jyada pareshan ho to doctorse pls consult karo
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सवाल: My baby has constipation problem. Both formula feed n breast feed he is taking.. do not go potty before4-5 days.. and all day split up milk and vomit... what to do plz suggest
उत्तर: Hello! If the potty of your baby is very tight, that means baby has constipation. Otherwise, it is normal and nothing to worry. Give some tummy time everyday. Also splitting milk or vomiting is concerned, try to burp and hold your baby straight for 10 minutes. Then only let the baby lie down. This reduces the splitting and vomiting but if it doesn't, then feed in less quantity but increase the frequency. Take care
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सवाल: Mai baby ko formula milk deti hu wo green potty karti hai aur khud ni karti plz suggest ki wo khud kare aur green potty koi issue to ni h na
उत्तर: Hi dear, Formula milk se aksar babies ko grey,green color ki potty Hoti hai.it is normal.as long as aapko baby ko koi takleef Nahi ho rahi,chinta ki baat Nahi hai.
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सवाल: Can i give both formula milk and breast milk to my 16 days old son?? Plz suggest
उत्तर: Hi dear it is always advisable to give breastmilk to ur baby only. Plz don't give formula milk if u have enough supply of milk. Breastmilk is a nectar for ur baby and it will give req. Neutrition to ur baby which nothing can give. So plz request u not to switch to formula if u can manage. In exceptional situation u can introduce formula milk.
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