4 months old baby

Question: मेम mera baby 4 month का hai खासी hogyi hai mujhe upay btaiye

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Answer: हेलो डियर आप बेबी को गर्म कपड़े पहना कर रखें छोटे बेबी मे रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता कम होती है इस कारण उनको सर्दी जुखाम कफ़ बुखार बहुत जल्द हो जाता है इस लिये बेबी को सुबह शाम टोपी मोज़े पहना कर रखें | आप कुछ घरेलू उपचार भी कर सकती है ~1) घी मे सेन्धा नमक मिक्स कर के बेबी की छाती और पसलियों पर लगायें |2) सरसों के तेल मे 1 चम्मच अजवाइन 6 लहसुन की कलियां डाल कर गरम करें ठण्डा होने पर छान कर रख लें और इस ऑयल से बेबी की मसाज करें |3) घी को गर्म करें और उसमे 1 चुटकी सोंठ डाल कर बेबी के छाती पीठ और पसलियों पर लगायें | 4) बेबी को भाफ दें भाफ के पानी मे 3लौंग,4 लहसुन की कलियां , 1 छोटा टुकड़ा दालचीनी डाल कर भाफ दें | 5) daily 10 से 20 मिनट की धूप अवश्य दे | 6) कमरे को गर्म रखें | 7) ठण्डी हवाओं से बचा कर रखें |
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सवाल: mere pet me bhut garmi ho rhi hai. mujhe 3 month ki baby ko breastfeed krna hai. koi upay btaiye
उत्तर: Drink water as much as u can..nd prefer some juice like chiku nd apple juice
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सवाल: 4 month old baby ko dad (daraj) ki problem k ghrelu upay btaiye
उत्तर: Hi dear, Aap safai bartei.baby Ka bedsheet pillow cover,sab dho laale.baby ke kapde shone ke baad antiseptic liquid se bhi rinse kare.kadakti dhoop me sukhaye.babyb ko handle kartey waqt,haath soap se zaroor dho le.daad me coconut oil with pinch of haldi daalke affected area me apply kare.agar 1 week me saaf theek Nahi hua ,ya spread ho Raha ho toh,doctor se consult zaroor kare.
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सवाल: hi, mera baby 4 month ka hai and usko khasi ho gyi hai.koe gharelu upay bataiye.
उत्तर: Hello Keep your baby well hydrated give warm or cold liquid dis helps in coughing up mucous. Add saline drops into the babies nostrils it will help in clearing the mucous. Breast feed alot as breast milk is the best immunity booster and will help the baby to fight infection. Get some boiling water and close the bathroom when it's filled with steam take the baby n sit in it for a while dis will help in the cough. Baby s head should be a little elevated it will help in clearing the mucous from the nose. Hope I helped
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सवाल: mai 6 month pregnant hu but mujhe thairoid h please thairod thik hone ke upay btaiye..??
उत्तर: Hello Your doctor must have already put u on thyroid medication. Here are some tips to eat well and boost thyroid levels. Fisrt thing to do is eat on time try eating home cooked meals. Avoid pre packed or processed food wash ur fruits and vegetables in vinegar. U have to eat extra iodine. So eat alot of iodized salt. The main problem u face is constipation so eat alot of whole grains include high fiber foods in ur diet to ease ur bowel movement. Eat green leafy vegetables like lettuce methi leaves or seeds spinach etc. Include berries like strawberry or blueberry in ur diet they are power packed with anti oxidants. Get more of vitamin d and omega 3 get some sun so take a walk in the morning include mushrooms walnuts eggs salmon and flax seeds in ur diet. Avoid food that supress ur thyroid gland such as organ meat like liver kidney brain etc as they are filled with fat. Vegetables like caggabe broccoli Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.
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