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Question: मिल्क चला गया baby की मम्मी ka

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Answer: हेलो डियर बेबी को दूध पिलाते समय मां को यह ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि बेबी की गर्दन थोड़ी ऊपर हो जिससे बेबी के कान में मां का दूध ना जा पाए कई बार थोड़ी सी chuk के कारण अगर बेबी के कान में दूध चला भी जाता है तो आपको तुरंत डॉक्टर से संपर्क करना चाहिए क्योंकि इसके कारण बेबी के कान में कई बार इन्फेक्शन का डर रहता है ओके
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सवाल: डॉक्टर ने काहां की पाणी कम हो गया है । क्या कर सकते है? सुझाव बताये
उत्तर: fluid you mean amniotic fluid right? AFI i.e amniotic fluid index . its level increases and decreases according to your life style. drink loads and loads of fluid either in the form of water , coconut water, fruit juices , milkshakes, curd , daal etc etc.
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सवाल: 10 दिन डिलीवरी का हो गया ।नार्मल डिलीवरी हुआ था ,लेकिन 4 दिन बाद पता चला कि tear था ।एंटीबायोटिक टेबलेट चल रहा है ,क्या करे ??अभी तक सुधार ठीक से नही है।
उत्तर: Hello dear ap medicine lete rahiye improve ho jaega pareshan hone ki jarurat ni h.
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सवाल: hello frnz...my baby is 5 day old...कल छटी के फंक्शन में 2 दही बड़े खा लिए ।।।। ab aaj mere baby ka गला बैठ गया vo sahi se ro b nhi pa raha.......ab mai kya kru ...ya kya खाऊ की उसकी सर्दी ख़त्म हो जाये और गला ठीक हो जाय ।।।।।plz reply जरूर करिये।।।। it's my humble request...I m very tends.
उत्तर: ohh dear.. first of all apke kuch khane se apke breast milk pe koi asar nahi hota r wo humesha pure rehta h ye yaad rakho so ache se acha khao. dahi se apko cold ho sakta h baby ko nahi. baby ko infection lag sakta h bas. aisa nahi hota ki apne dahi khayi r apka milk affect hua r baby ko cold hua. aisa kuch b nahi hota. cold hona is normal. ap sinarest ya maxtra drops de sakte h baby ko cold me r kuch home remedies karo thik ho jaega. 1. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets . Sinarest vapo caps also works well. 2. Sleep the infants with head upwards direction using a soft pillow. 3. Mix 5 to 10 teaspoon of mustard oil with crushed garlic and ajwain seeds and tadka. After it is cooled, strain the mixture and store in a bottle. When needed, warm a little and apply on the child’s chest, forehead and back . 4. Vicks vapour rub for kids rub on the child’s feet and leave the socks on, it can also be applied on chest. 5. Steam in every 3-4 hours. 6. Roast the Ajwain and take a soft muslin cloth and make a potli .. when warm apply gently on chest and back for chest congestion.
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सवाल: Baby ka weight 303 Gms.... baby ka HeartBaet 142 bpm
उत्तर: Hi your baBies weihht is less it should have been approx 430 gm at 22 weeks. Add following in your diet to increase babies weight. 1. Milk And Other Milk Products: Include foods such as whole milk or skimmed milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer). All these food items are rich sources protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. 2. Pulses, Dals, Cereals, Nuts And Whole Grains: If you are not a meat eater, include pulses, dals, cereals, nuts and whole grains in your everyday diet to make up for your body’s requirement of protein. If you are a vegetarian, you will need about 45 gm of nuts each day, as well as about a two-third cup of pulses on a daily basis. 3. Fruits And Vegetables: Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet as it will help you gain your body’s required amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Make sure you have about five servings of each on a daily basis. 4. Fish, Meat, And Poultry: If you eat meat and fish, make sure you include them in your everyday diet as well, as they will provide your body with the required amount of concentrated proteins. 5. Liquids: While you are pregnant, you will need additional liquids to make sure that you are hydrated all the time. Drink as much water and liquids as you can through the day. You can simply have clean and filtered water throughout the day, or sip on infused water with fresh fruits. Avoid going for packaged juices as they are very high in their sweet content. Your baBies heart beat is fine. It shoukd have ranged between 120-170 bpm. Good luck
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