7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: मरे पट मे जलन होती है

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Answer: इसके लिए आप खाना एक बार में बहोत सारा न खाये. थोड़ा थोड़ा करके ज्यादा बार खाइये. अगर आपको कोई कॉम्प्लीकेशन्स नहीं है तो आपसे हो सके उतना वाकिंग करे. ज्यादा पानी पिए. ये सब से आपको रहत मिलेगी. आप खाने के बाद आधा चम्मच अजवाइन पानी के साथ ले इससे भी आपको रहत होगी.
Answer: Shuru shuru me aisa hota Hai jee machalana ulti hona khuch khane ka man na karana aisa hota Hai aap tension mat leo jab apko Jalan hone Lage aap dhaniya khao chabake
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सवाल: मुजे 5 मंथ चल रहा है बेबी किक का कब और कैसे महसूस होती है?
उत्तर: Timeline of Baby Movement Here is a guide to your baby's possible movements. Week 12: Your baby should start to move, but you probably won't be able to feel anything, because the baby is still so small. Week 16: Some pregnant women will start to feel tiny butterfly-like flutters. The feeling might just be gas, or it might be the baby moving. Week 20: By this point in your baby's development, you may start to really feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening." Week 24: The baby's movements are starting to become more established. You might also begin to feel slight twitches as your baby hiccups. Week 28: Your baby is moving often now. Some of the kicks and jabs may take your breath away. Week 36: Your uterus is getting crowded as the baby grows, and movements should slow down a bit. However, alert your healthcare provider if you notice significant changes in your baby’s usual activity. You should feel consistent movement throughout the day.
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सवाल: मेरे पैर मे सुजन आ गई है।
उत्तर: Hi dear, Pain in legs are due to various reasons- 1).The growing weight causes more pressure on legs. 2) During pregnancy water retention is the common issue as there is increase in bodily flow. Many a times result in swelling which causes main. 3) As the uterus grows it presses the veins around it causing pain in vagina, thighs, legs. 4) the muscles during pregnancy relaxes dye to hormonal change , often causing cramping and pain. For relief try not to stand for longer hours, dip your deers in lukewarm water, while sleeping place your feet on a pillow so that they are slightly raised from the body. A good massage can also give you relief.
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सवाल: मेरे पैर मे सूजन हैं और पेट मे ददँ हो रहा है
उत्तर: Hello dear light swelling normal h pregnancy me ap apne pair garam pani me salt dalkar usme senkiye. Pet me dard ka karan uterus ka badhna h or gas constipation ki vajah se bhi dard ho sakta h. Jyada dard ho to doctor ko dikhae.
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